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AriaBod specialises in providing engineering consultancy services to the offshore & onshore Oil and Gas industry. AriaBod’s Primary inhouse expertise includes:

  • Asset Integrity Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Transporation Engineering and Export Solutions
  • Oil and Gas Procurement Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Production Facilities Engineering including Surface and Subsea Systems Engineering
  • Marine Engineering including Oil and Gas Floating Offshore Installations Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines Engineering

Through our inhouse expertise and with support of our sister company and associated network, we are capable of providing our services to our clients globaly.

Based in the Norwegian oil capital, Stavanger, AriaBod has strong links with wide range of companies in the Oil and Gas industry. This enables AriaBod to provide wide range of services through concept select, development and operational phases of a project.

Our aim is to deliver the most cost-effective engineering solution within economic metrics of the project.


Chemical Industry

In collaboration with its European partners, AriaBod provides engineering and procurement management services to Chemical Industry.


Saving Technologies

Our Energy solutions are engineered to be as environmentally friendly as possible noting boundaries of available technology. This requires a state of art scientific view on challenges in combination with a hands-on practical approach to ensure suitable techno-commercial solutions are identified and implemented. AriaBod is proud of being able to combine since and practice to implement its environmentally considerate philosophy.


Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas activities is a highly demanding industry, both technically and financially. AriaBod is continuously seeking partners whom are wiling to join force with AriaBod n tackling industry challenges.

All for Good. Good for All.