Safe and reliable operation with expert pipeline integrity management

Knowledge is the Key

Operators of pipelines in the oil and gas and other high-hazard industries must be sure equipment and materials are fit for service and functioning according to the highest safety and production levels in order to stay compliant and profitable.

Our independent verification and assessment services of your pipeline integrity management system (PIMS) assures you are compliant with increasingly stringent statutory regulation and operating to the highest standards.

The safe and environmentally responsible operation of pipelines is a key responsibility of any pipeline owner. Doing everything possible to prevent leaks is what our communities and regulators expect.

Corrosion of pipelines can be due to a number of factors including age, coating type, coating failure, cathodic protection effectiveness, sources of CP interference, operating temperatures, metallurgical conditions and the pipeline environment. In this regard, the use of effective cathodic protection and coatings is critical to any carbon steel pipeline system. Hence, we liaise with our customers to develop and implement integrity management plans for liquids pipelines and gas transportation systems.